Potency-affecting products

The general word potency usually describes a man's ability to have a normal sex life.

But this notion is much broader than just the degree of tension of the penis, the potency is the power of desire, and the speed of erection, and the ability to ejaculate, finally the possibility of enjoyment and ejaculation.

Useful products that increase potency in men

For a man, good potential is his pride, self-confidence, that is the very essence of his masculinity. The problems in this area are especially painful.

About 20 years ago, 80% of violations in this area were attributed to psychogenic factors, and only 20% were caused by physiological (or organic) problems, but now the situation is rapidly changing for the worse.

They are affected by stress, social pressure and rhythm of life, smoking, sedentary lifestyle.

But the most important is the diet, which now contains fast carbohydrates, trans fats and preservatives.

To improve one of the most important functions of the male body, it is enough to review your diet and add to it:

  1. Products:
    • Oysters and mussels
    • Chocolate
    • Ginger root
    • cardamom
    • walnuts
    • Pumpkin seeds
  2. Spices
    • Saffron
    • Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
    • Carnation
    • Aleve peppers
    • cardamom
    • Coriander

Nuts and seeds

Sources of highly digestible plant proteins and the essential amino acid L-arginine. They contain "useful" Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that strengthen blood vessels. Vitamins E and A have a strong antioxidant effect and protect blood vessels.

Walnuts and almonds stand out in terms of composition.

Sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium.

L-arginine in 100 g.

  • Pumpkin seeds - 5353 mg.
  • Dried peas - 2188 mg.
  • Walnuts - 2278 mg.
  • Cedar - 2413 mg.
  • Rice, unpolished - 602 mg.

Fish, seafood, including caviar, shellfish, shrimp

It contains almost the entire spectrum of vit. - A, D, E, K, which makes them almost irreplaceable in the diet.

They contain a lot of iodine that activates the thyroid gland, selenium and zinc, which are directly involved in the synthesis of hormones, essential amino acids.

Fatty varieties of sea fish (cod, perch) are a rich source of vit. D.

In the male body, they contribute to the production of the main sex hormone testosterone, increase the strength of attraction, stimulate fat burning and increase muscle mass.

red meat

A source of essential cholesterol for testosterone synthesis. And that is it.

Fruits and vegetables in yellow and orange

The color indicates the presence of provitamin A, beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain fertility and protects against cancer. And by eating vegetables and fruits, you can get vit. And without the risk of overdose.

Also, all plant foods contain a lot of fiber, which, although they do not affect potency, reduce the risk of obesity and normalize bowel function.


Ideal combination of protein and iodine with vitamins B5 and B6, X, PP, K, D, A, B, E, C.

The use of eggs increases endurance, encourages recruitment and maintenance of muscle mass, improves blood flow to the penis and its sensitivity.


The oldest medicine, it is believed that ginseng honey, as well as chestnut and buckwheat honey, is the most effective. Honey is similar in its composition to human blood plasma, it contains useful sugar fructose, a lot of phytoncides (herbal antiseptics), potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, natural acids.

It has a strengthening anti-inflammatory effect, improves prostate function. It has a mild diuretic and uroseptic effect, normalizes urination. Due to its natural bactericidal components, it stimulates the immune system and cures latent infections.

And the plant enzymes contained in it (invertase, diastasis, etc. ) improve blood circulation in the genitourinary organs and increase the strength and duration of erections.

Greens (sorrel, primrose, rocket, celery) and garlic

In addition to calcium, parsley and garlic contain folic acid and B vitamins necessary for sperm production. By improving innervation, they prolong the duration of sex and feelings during it.

Garlic contains many essential oils and phytoncides, which have aphrodisiac properties.


It combines high calorie content with good digestibility.


  • polyunsaturated acids
  • vit. C, D, E, B, PP,
  • folic acid,
  • phosphorus,
  • potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • iron.

Avocado is one of the few foods that contains carnitine, which provides oxygen transport. This affects the rapid excitation and blood flow to the genitals.

Cheese, cottage cheese, kefir

Rich in calcium and vit. D, contain useful proteins and amino acids. The impact of dairy products is associated with the optimal combination of trace elements such as calcium, zinc and magnesium. Magnesium is the one that helps relax the vascular wall, which means that it increases the blood flow to the penis during erection.

But the use of pure milk is undesirable, because many adults have intolerance - lactase deficiency that occurs with age, causing bloating and disruption of the intestinal microflora.

Red wine and coffee

Quite controversial in terms of proper nutrition, foods that are usually recommended to be consumed in small quantities. However, red wine contains the substance resveratrol, which slows down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and caffeine can selectively dilate the blood vessels of the penis.

One way or another, but it has the properties of the strongest aphrodisiacs, many times increasing the strength of attraction and the weight of desire.

Substances that affect potency and how they work

In order to understand what and how it affects men's strength, it is necessary to make a short trip to the world of men's health and understand how potency is regulated.

The peak age is considered to be 25 years. After that, the hormonal background is constant for some time. This is the time of the plateau, it lasts up to 30-35 years. After reaching this age, testosterone production gradually begins to decline at a rate of approximately 1. 6% per year.

Testosterone was the first hormone that could be identified and measured in the body, and in 1939 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering a method for creating its dosage form.

It determines the strength of libido, ie the strength of desire. This is even more important at puberty, when there is a sudden rise in hormones.

By promoting penis growth and increasing muscle mass, a rougher voice and the development of a special, masculine type of hair growth, it turns a boy into a man. Nevertheless, unequivocal data on its specific role in the erection process itself have not yet been obtained.

The main condition for an erection is good blood vessels. They are influenced by two factors - the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and the substance that dilates them, nitric oxide.

It is in the thickness of the vascular wall that cholesterol plaques are deposited, which narrow the lumen and interfere with blood flow during erection. The penile arteries that supply the penis are about 2-3 mm in diameter, so circulatory disorders occur very easily.

Nitric oxide is formed in the very wall of the vessel and causes its long-term expansion, which allows the cavernous bodies to be completely filled with blood and the penis to remain active.

The percentage of fat is very important. Adipose tissue contains the enzyme aromatase, which converts (aromatizes) active testosterone into female estrogen.

In obesity (waist circumference greater than 104 cm), this process takes a significant part of male hormones, causing a decrease in desire and disorders in the cardiovascular system.

All you need is a little estrogen - they are responsible for the processes of cognition, memory and creative thinking. Relieve pain tolerance. Even libido depends to a small extent on the ratio of male and female sex hormones.

Most often, this complex system, especially at a young age, is not affected by serious organic disorders, but by an unhealthy lifestyle and ignorance of the body's needs.

A significant part of potency disorders can be eliminated by a rational approach to diet. Below is a list of substances, the presence of which in the diet will eliminate the imbalance and improve the male reproductive system.


All fats that are eaten with food go to the liver and are converted into cholesterol.

In the liver, it is divided into "fractions", ie "good" and "bad" cholesterol. "Bad" refers to low-density lipoproteins. They settle in the blood vessels and cause the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

It is found in fats, fatty meats, liver and fatty dairy products.

However, in a strictly measured amount, cholesterol is necessary, all information about its danger refers only to its excess. This component is part of any cell wall and the material for the production of all steroid hormones.

The core of cholesterol is found in the structure of testosterone molecules and its precursor progesterone. With a sharp decrease in animal fats in food, its production declines.

Most (90%) of the required cholesterol - which is 250 mg per 100 ml of blood - is synthesized by the liver itself. We should not receive more than 1500 mg per day.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids

There is also "good" cholesterol or high density lipoprotein (HDL). It fights atherosclerosis of blood vessels and increases their elasticity, reduces inflammation.

The most important fatty acids for its production are Omega-3 and Omega-6.

In addition to protecting blood vessels, polyunsaturated fatty acids have another function - they form special vasodilating compounds -prostaglandins. This is a class of hormone-like substances that have the ability to improve erections.

The process occurs due to the locking of the venous mechanism (blockage of blood flow) and relaxation of the muscles of the corpora cavernosa, as a result of which they are intensively filled with blood.

PUFAs are irreplaceable factors that are not formed in the body and must be provided with food.

The daily requirement is 5-10 g per day.

PUFAs are rich in fatty fish (tuna, trout, salmon), fish oil and caviar, unrefined vegetable oils (flaxseed, canola, soybean, sunflower, corn), nuts (walnuts, pine, almonds), eggs.

PUFA will be better absorbed if taken with vitamin E - it is best to include foods rich in both elements in the diet.

The optimal ratio of these acids in food is 1: 3 - 1: 6 and must be strictly adhered to.

100 g Omega-3, g Omega-6, g Ratio
Flaxseed oil 53 17 1: 0, 3
Salmon 1. 8 0. 17 1: 0, 05
walnut 2. 7 33. 7 1: 12. 5
Almond 0, 003 March 12 1: 4100

Amino acids and proteins

Protein needs can be from 65 to 117 g per day, depending on age and levels of physical activity. It is important to know that proteins can come from both animal (meat and dairy) and plant foods (legumes, nuts, soy, etc. ), but have different amino acid compositions.

Two amino acids are especially important: arginine and carnitine.


Source of nitric oxide (NO) formation in the vascular wall of arteries. Its action is the reactive filling of the veins of the penis with blood. Nitric oxide is considered to be a major biochemical factor in erection.

Its strength and duration depend on it. A good blood supply also improves the functioning of the prostate and testicles, activating the production of semen.

Active filling with blood prolongs the time of sexual intercourse, enhances pleasant feelings, prolongs orgasm, increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms.

Arginine improves mood, activity and endurance.

This amino acid can be obtained from food of both animal and plant origin. It is produced slowly in the body and in small quantities, but most of it must come from food.

It is found in pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, pine nuts and peanuts; meat (beef) and seafood (salmon, shrimp, anchovies, crabs, tuna).

It is considered that the daily requirement is 6. 0 g per day, and when working on gaining muscle mass, up to 9. 0 g may be needed.

Content in 100 g % DV
Peanuts 2975 mg 60%
walnut 2278 mg 46%
Chicken yolks 1160 mg 23%
Beef 1040 mg 21%


Like arginine, it is not an essential amino acid, but is produced in the body in small amounts (about 100-200 mg). For a normal lifestyle, this is quite enough, but with increased physical effort, stress requires additional intake. L-carnitine is involved in the breakdown of fatty acids (fats) for energy.

It also has a direct effect on potency - since energy production directly stimulates the activity of muscles and blood vessels, and indirectly - because reducing fat increases the volume of active testosterone.

L-carnitine accelerates protein synthesis, and thus increases the volume and endurance of muscle mass. It contains large amounts of meat and liver of animals.

The daily requirement is 200-500 mg, with stress and physical exertion it can increase to 1200 mg.

It should be borne in mind that after heat treatment, its amount is reduced by 25%.

Content in 100 g % DV
Raw lamb 160 mg thirty%
raw beef 125 mg 23%
Fresh cheese 2 mg 0. 4%

vitamin D

Ironically, it has never been considered a "male" vitamin before. Traditional ideas about it are associated primarily with its role in calcium metabolism and bone strengthening.

Scientists have proven that with its lack, the probability of erection problems increases by 30%, because its reduction directly corresponds to the reduction of ketones.

There is a theory that these effects are associated with excess body weight, when adipose tissue affects most of the vit. D and serves as a site for testosterone conversion.

According to recent data, it is recommended for people who suffer from infertility, because a connection has been established between hypovitaminosis D and a reduction in the number of motile and structurally normal sperm.

There is still no accurate evidence of its effect on male potency. But in practice, doctors often see that supplementing its deficiency improves the duration of an erection and the ability to reach orgasm.

The daily requirement is about 1000 IU, for smokers and obese - 2000 IU.

Vitamin D is found in almost all seafood, especially in cod liver, red caviar and fatty varieties of sea fish (herring, salmon, mackerel), chicken, beef and pork liver. It also contains egg yolks.

Of dairy products, this is not fat-free cheese, butter, sour cream. Many nuts are rich in it.

There is a blood test for vitamin D. If low levels are detected, the doctor will prescribe the full dose of medication. You need to know that its level is slowly increasing to normal (about 3-4 months), so it is better to continue taking the maintenance dose in the future.

Content in 100 g % DV
Fish oil 250 mcg 2500%
Mackerel 16 mcg 161%
Tuna 5, 7 mcg 57%
Chicken yolks 7, 7 mcg 77%
Butter 1, 5 mcg 15%
Cheese 50% fat 1 mcg 10%


An essential component that is part of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. He is the one responsible for the speed of metabolism. It is known that in the absence of thyroid hormones, the amount of protein that binds testosterone - globulin that binds sex steroids (SHBG or SHBG) increases.

Only the free form of ketones acts on the sexual sphere, therefore, without iodine, it simply circulates in an inactive bound form. During normal thyroid function, provitamin forms of vitamin A (beta-carotene) are converted to active retinol.

The daily requirement of iodine is 100-150 mcg per day.

Of course, this trace element is abundant in sea fish, shrimp, caviar, sea kale and, surprisingly, in cranberries, buckwheat and dates.

Content in 100 g % DV
sea kale 300 mcg 200%
Flounder, gum salmon 50 mcg 33%
Chicken yolks 33 mcg 22%


The male body is more susceptible to toxic attacks than the female. It is smoking tobacco, hookah, more frequent alcohol intake, less worry about diet.

Free radicals are constantly being formed in the body - aggressive oxygen compounds. Such molecules are very aggressive - they react easily with proteins, DNA, lipids, damaging cell membranes. This accelerates aging, destroys cells, increases the risk of mutations and cancer.

Oxidation of free radicals leads to the destruction of the genetic material of sperm, which threatens infertility. Lipid peroxidation is one of the factors that cause atherosclerosis.

By attacking the vascular wall, radicals cause inflammation in it, rapid deposition of cholesterol and the growth of atherosclerotic plaques. Narrowing of the lumen of the arteries in the pelvic organs causes a slowing of blood flow to the penis during erection and a decrease in its sensitivity.

For retention there are protective mechanisms in which vit. E and A.

E (tocopherol)

The most important non-enzymatic antioxidant, it "quenches" the free radicals of oxygen and fatty acids and protects the vascular wall. This process is especially good in the presence of vitamin C.

The daily requirement is 20-50 mg. Smokers need more.

They are found in all types of vegetable oils (except refined), nuts, seeds, cereals. But it is stored only in oils obtained by "cold" pressing and when stored in the dark.

It also contains lettuce, cabbage. From animal products, this is butter, fat, meat, egg yolks. Milk is low in tocopherols.

Content in 100 g % of required daily value
Sunflower oil 44 450%
Almond 25 246%
Olive oil 12 121%
Dried white mushrooms 7. 4 74%
Cashew 5. 7 57
Walnut 2. 6 26%
Squid 2. 2 22%
Red caviar 3. 0 thirty%
Sorrel 2. 0 twenty%

A (retinol)

A direct-acting antioxidant, reacting with free radicals of unsaturated fatty acids, is a "trap" for them.

It is necessary for the synthesis of DNA in sperm, and it also regulates the division of cells in the spermatogenic epithelium of the testis (the place where sperm are formed). It also helps in the active absorption of zinc and enhances the effect of vitamin E.

One can get pure retinol only from animal products: beef, dairy products (butter, cream, sour cream), egg yolks. It is especially rich in fish oil retinol and sea fish liver (cod).

Plants colored in yellow and orange (carrots, tomatoes, peppers, apricots, etc. ) contain beta-carotenoids, which are provitamins A. In the intestinal mucosa with the help of a special enzyme are converted into the active form of vit. BUT.

The daily requirement for retinol is 2-3 mg, but it is more often expressed in IU, which is about 900 IU per day. Since beta-carotene is half as active, you need 2 times more.

Content in 100 g % DV
Fish oil 25000 2500%
Beef liver 8360 835%
Carrots 2000 200%
Chicken yolks 925 93%
Red caviar 450 45%
Butter 650 65%
Rosehip 430 43%
Paprika 250 25%
apricots 267 27%

Trace elements zinc and selenium


This microelement actively blocks the enzyme aromatase, which works to convert testosterone into estrogen. Directing biosynthesis to the right path with the creation of the active form of dihydro-testosterone. Zinc is also involved in the hormone molecule. Its deficiency develops benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma) (BPH).

It is believed that zinc can increase sperm motility and strengthen immunity.

In the presence of alcohol, especially beer, zinc excretion is accelerated. Zinc deficiency, in turn, increases the propensity for alcohol dependence.

Much of this trace element is found in oysters, fish (especially sardines) and other seafood (including seaweed), meat. They are rich in nuts and seeds: peanuts, cashews, sesame, almonds, brazil and walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, especially pumpkin seeds ("white seeds").

Of the greens, these are primrose, celery, horseradish, garlic, which have long been used by the people as a means to increase sexual ability.

Content in 100 g % DV
wheat bran 7. 27 61%
Cedar 6. 45 54%
Chicken yolks 3. 1 26%
Beef 3. 24 27%

Selenium is a vital trace element, it can only be obtained from the outside.

It is necessary for the active work of a group of enzymes called glutathione peroxidases. This is another system for removing free radicals. In addition to preventing aging, selenium also acts on sperm, protecting their genetic material from damage.

Selenium is an essential component of preparation for conception. In addition, it increases the activity of thyroid hormones, and through them testosterone.

For better absorption of selenium, it is recommended to take it together with vitamin E.

Rich in selenium: fish and seafood (tuna, shrimp, salmon, cod, caps, squid), meat and offal (lamb and beef), mushrooms (especially oyster mushrooms and porcini mushrooms), whole grains. Recognized leaders in selenium content are Brazil nuts.

The daily norm of selenium is 50-70 mcg per day for adults, zinc - 11 mg (maximum allowed 25 mg). On a body scale these values are microscopic, almost pharmacy.

There are vitamin-mineral complexes that contain these elements, but they are not recommended to be used without prior consultation with a doctor.

Content in 100 g % DV
wheat bran 77. 6 141%
Sunflower seeds 53 96%
Pink salmon 44. 6 81%
Curd 9% fat thirty 55%


It is not the most obvious reason for impotence, but a sufficient amount of water is needed for normal blood circulation through the vessels. When dehydrated, blood viscosity increases and erection decreases.

It can also cause fatigue and muscle weakness. It is believed that a person needs about four liters of water a day for a hectic sex life.

And frequent use of strong tea and coffee has a diuretic effect, only increases the lack of water.

Plant adaptogens

Natural energy - increases endurance, performance, reduces physical fatigue. They have a regenerative and tonic effect. Their effect on potency is due to improved blood supply, including to the genitourinary organs, which speeds up testosterone flow and improves erection.

It is contained in the plants ginseng, eleutherococcus, ginkgo biloba and is used in the form of infusions or extracts.

There are almost no contraindications to diet changes, except for food intolerance and allergic reactions. After all, these are common components that are part of a healthy balanced diet.

However, if you want to achieve faster results by increasing the dose of any vitamin or mineral, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

It must be borne in mind that sexual function is the only body function that occurs in nature only in pairs. So, an erection depends not only on him, but also on his partner, her caress, attention and care.

Impotence has not been a mandatory component of conditions such as age or stress for a long time. After all, its causes are often hormonal imbalance and accumulation of toxins. All of this can be easily eliminated by simply putting things in order in your own diet.

So, with proper self-care, every man can maintain sexual power in all circumstances for many years to come.

This article is not medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for consulting a doctor.