What affects the potency of men and women?

Sexual power is usually called the ability of a living organism to have sexual intercourse. Usually the term is used to characterize such sexual abilities of a man as strength and speed of erection, duration of sexual intercourse. In relation to women, the term "libido" is more often used, ie sexual attraction to a person of the opposite sex. There are a number of factors on which the potency and ability to achieve sexual pleasure depend.

Which affects potency in men

Having intimate relationships with the opposite sex is a necessary part of a man's life. Problems in this area can be disturbing for a long time and cause significant psychological discomfort.

mature couple and male potency

The ability of a man of any age to have healthy sexual intercourse, in addition to genetic predisposition, is influenced by a number of other factors related to lifestyle, diet and disease. By knowing them, you can assess the risk of erectile dysfunction and prevent its occurrence by adjusting your behavior.

Factors that positively affect potency

Numerous factors that affect the body and psyche of the stronger sex contribute to the improvement of male sexual function:

  • Nutrition. It is necessary to include foods rich in animal and plant proteins in the daily menu. These are cheese, cottage cheese, meat, eggs, nuts, almonds, unsalted pistachios, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower. The use of bee products, especially honey and pollen, has a good effect on male potency. Seafood is also among the products that help maintain male strength at a high level. The first five most useful are oysters, oily sea fish, anchovies, crabs and shrimps. Their rich composition affects the work of all organs and systems in the body, returning them to normal. Lack of important trace elements can be eliminated by taking vitamin-mineral complexes. It is worthwhile to conduct a laboratory study beforehand to identify such a deficiency;
  • Bitan! Regular consumption of seafood is a good insurance for a man from problems with potency.

  • Physical activity. Physical exercises help to develop endurance, strengthen the body, and ultimately increase male abilities. Suitable activities for this purpose are swimming, running, skiing, tennis. Running long distances is especially useful for improving blood circulation. In the initial stages, it is recommended to organize small trails. Over time, the distance increases. As the load increases, testosterone production increases, the cardiovascular system strengthens and male strength increases. If you can't do sports, you can perform a set of physical exercises aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic and genital areas;
  • Compliance with the regimea day with full sleep;
  • The right answer to stressand mastering them with the help of meditation, self-training, yoga classes. You can get rid of accumulated fatigue with the help of massage and listening to pleasant music. Scientists have long proven the influence of music on the vital activity of the organism. To harmonize the work of the sexual sphere, it is convenient to listen to melodies performed on the saxophone. There is an opinion that they can act as a sound exciter.
  • stress and its effect on potency

    Among the alternative methods for restoring male potency, there is a meditation program for a specially selected sound range. If you listen to audio recordings every day for a month and a half, you can affect the subconscious. As a result, the nervous system is normalized, a sense of satisfaction is achieved, resistance to external factors appears, which ultimately leads to an increase in male strength;

  • Relief from chronic diseases, which implies changes in the hormonal background and deterioration of blood circulation. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the heart and blood vessels, prostate, sugar levels, and also not to allow the development of hemorrhoids.

Factors that negatively affect potency

According to doctors, the problem of erectile dysfunction, like many other diseases, has significantly "rejuvenated". The main factors that cause a decrease in potency are those associated with the lifestyle of modern man:

  • chronic stress- a huge factor that gets in the way of the most ambitious people. The need for hard work, often without days off and holidays, conflicts, lack of sleep gradually deplete the body, leading to disease, including weakening of sexual abilities. Living in megacities with high levels of air pollution, traffic jams also contribute to deteriorating well-being;
  • Bad habits. Drinking alcohol only in small doses (no more than one glass of wine, for example) can have a beneficial effect on sexual desire. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to the accumulation of ethanol in the liver and brain, opposes the production of testosterone, which ultimately leads to lack of erection. The negative effect of smoking is expressed in the destructive effect of nicotine on blood vessels. As the experience of smoking increases, there is a gradual narrowing of blood vessels. As a result, filling the corpora cavernosa of the penis with blood becomes more difficult, and erection is not achieved. Narcotic substances tend to greatly affect sexual desire. Regular use of drugs leads to damage to the nervous system, changes in the gonads, complete impotence. In addition, the lifestyle of drug addicts contributes to promiscuity with a high risk of infection, leading to sad consequences, to death;
  • Lack of physical activity. Sitting in the office, moving in the car, relaxing on the couch in front of the TV lead to a decrease in the tone of blood vessels, weakening of the heart muscle and other muscles of the body. Deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvic area over time leads to erectile dysfunction;
  • unhealthy foodexcessive consumption of fatty foods of animal origin contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. The vessels become harder to fill the penis with blood, erection becomes impossible. Excessive consumption of sugary foods affects the hormonal background and can disrupt erectile function.

Among the diseases there are those that have a significant impact on potency and require careful medical care:

  • Cardiovascular diseases. Because the onset of an erection is directly related to blood circulation in the genital area, slowed heart muscle function and poor vascular condition can become an obstacle to a healthy sex life;
  • Hormonal disorders, including diabetes mellitus, which leads to impaired patency of blood vessels that feed the genitals, damage to the nerves responsible for erection and reduced hormone production;
  • obesity and its effect on potency
  • obesity. With each extra kilogram, the amount of testosterone produced in the male body decreases, and the amount of estrogen increases. The body of a man gradually develops according to the female type: the breasts increase, the tone of the voice can change. Over time, excess weight becomes a cause of cardiovascular disease, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, infertility due to impaired quality of semen;
  • Oncological diseasesif they have damaged the nerves and blood vessels responsible for the erection;
  • Spinal cord injurywith spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, prostatitis.

Influence of testosterone on potency

Testosterone is a recognized leader among hormones produced in the male body. Excreted by the male gonads and the adrenal cortex, it is responsible for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics, metabolism, physical fitness, sexual strength and mood. Scientists have found that the level of sexual activity directly depends on the levels of hormones in the blood. Its reduction causes difficulties in men with potency, ejaculation, procreation.

Meanwhile, high testosterone levels also have a negative effect on the body. In medical practice, a connection has been established between the appearance of malignant brain tumors and an increase in testosterone.

Changes in hormone levels are associated with lifestyle, in frequency with:

  • Diet, which leads, for example, to obesity;
  • Alcohol and drug use;
  • Taking medication;
  • Changes in age.

In the absence of serious health problems, normal testosterone levels in the male body can be maintained through proper diet and exercise. The following must be present in the daily menu, alternately during the week:

  • Greenery;
  • Nuts;
  • Seafood containing zinc, selenium and essential fatty acids necessary for men - shrimp, salmon, mackerel, squid, shellfish;
  • Lean red meat. To increase testosterone levels, it is more effective to use it in combination with traditional spices, such as horseradish, garlic, red pepper;
  • legumes;
  • Dairy products (especially cheese, cottage cheese);
  • Root vegetables, especially celery and ginger.

Prerequisite is enough night's sleep, daily walks in the fresh air during the day, physical activity.

Factors affecting women's potency

A woman's healthy sexual activity allows her to be realized in two directions:

  • Carrying and giving birth to a child;
  • Getting pleasure from a partner, which contributes to maintaining health and strengthening marital ties.

Just like in men, factors such as stress, strong emotional experiences and physical fatigue affect the ability to enjoy sex. To recover from their influence, it is enough to rest, relax with pleasant music. The sound at the same time should not be loud, quiet music can be more exciting. A relaxing massage also has a good effect.

woman and factors affecting potency

More serious attention will be required for the causes of libido disorders associated with physical abnormalities in the body:

  • Hormonal changes that lead to a decrease in the level of the female hormone - estrogen in the blood;
  • Thyroid diseases that cause a decrease or excessive increase in hormone production;
  • Diseases of the urogenital area that cause discomfort during intercourse, for example, cystitis, thrush, various inflammations;
  • Obesity involves decreased physical activity, pelvic congestion, and consequently reduced vaginal sensitivity and lack of sexual pleasure;
  • Use of drugs that affect the hormonal background of the body (sedatives, contraceptives, antihypertensives);

In order to regain a healthy sex drive and the ability to have an orgasm, the woman and partner in question should meet the following conditions:

  • Good sleep (at least eight hours);
  • During intimacy, it is necessary to organize the absence of external noise, sharp loud sounds. The atmosphere should be relaxing;
  • The presence of a balanced diet with the inclusion of seafood, nuts and seeds, chocolate, figs, bananas, ginger tea on the menu. It is desirable to add spices to food that increase sexual desire (turmeric, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon);
  • Rejecting bad habits;
  • Learn to get out of stressful situations quickly, preventing depression and psychosomatic disorders.

Bitan! Physical exercises as part of yoga, swimming, fitness contribute to good blood circulation, blood flow to the genitals and achieving a high quality of sexual life.