How to quickly increase a man's potency with folk remedies

A significant number of men are faced with the fact that their previous strong erections began to gradually weaken. The increase in weakened male potency worries not only older men, but also young boys. Potency can be increased by various methods. However, in recent years, special folk remedies have often been used for this to increase potency in men.

Reasons for low potency

Before you increase potency, you need to understand why it got worse. Often, the decrease in potency in old age occurs due to diseases of the genital organs. In that case, you must visit a specialist immediately so that he can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.

At an earlier age, impotence is caused by completely different reasons, which include:

  • insufficient amount of vitamins,
  • regular consumption of alcoholic beverages,
  • eat foods high in carcinogenic and animal fats,
  • constant stress,
  • taking medications that reduce testosterone production,
  • inactive lifestyle,
  • smoking.

What to do before treatment

Before you increase your potency on your own, visit a specialist to consult with him. After all, many natural remedies to increase potency consist only of herbal ingredients, which can be quite powerful allergens. It is therefore recommended to find out in advance which components can cause allergies.Also, a visit to a specialist will help identify hidden infections that negatively affect potency.

Potency problems in old age

Before using traditional treatment methods, you must:

  • undergo tests to help identify genital infections,
  • visit a urologist and have an ultrasound examination to rule out the presence of serious diseases of the reproductive system,
  • consult an allergist before using this or that recipe.

Which folk remedies increase potency

Many men want to know how to quickly increase potency at home. For this, traditional medicine is used, namely, herbs and products from them.


This folk remedy for potency improves sexual function and activates metabolic functions in the body. This effective method can be used only in the spring, because nettles begin to appear during this period. To create a remedy, it is recommended to use only young leaves.

Mature leaves can be harmful to health and disrupt blood circulation.

To prepare medicines that increase the potency of nettle, the greens are cut into small pieces and poured over boiling water. The broth is then cooled completely and can be filtered. This folk remedy for male potency is used twice a day before meals. Some take it just before the act, as the duration of action of the prepared soup may not be too long.

Nettle - a folk remedy that improves sexual function in men


Folk remedies for thyme potency are a powerful drug that can boost libido. Thyme contains a large amount of zinc and chromium, which activate the male reproductive system. Thyme tea is recommended not only for men who are interested in boosting libido, but also for future fathers.

Regular consumption of this tea improves the reproductive functions of men.

For quick preparation of tea, add 2-3 tablespoons of the plant to a glass of hot water. You need to use it 2-4 times every day.

Thyme tea to boost libido


Ginseng roots are used in many popular recipes to increase potency. Among many plants, it can boast of having the strongest stimulating and toning functions. Also, this plant has many other useful properties, which include:

  • improved sex drive,
  • improved erection,
  • increased endurance, which leads to increased duration of sex,
  • protection of the veins of the penis from aging.

Increasing potency at home with folk remedies from ginseng is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to mix the roots of the plant with tea or prepare from them a special means of enhancing male potency. The tincture is prepared from dried root. To prepare it, mix 100 grams of ginseng root with 50 ml of vodka and 400 g of honey. Then the prepared infusion should be infused for 2-3 weeks. This is not the most powerful tool and therefore will need to be used for about 2-3 months.

Ginseng root to increase potency


Many men, in order to improve potency with folk remedies, use agave leaves for this. Aloe is often used for potency because it contains many vitamins and enzymes that activate blood circulation in the pelvic area. It increases libido and strengthens the erection.

Aloe is a good medicine not only for the male half of the population, but also for girls. Indeed, with its help, the sensitivity of the clitoris increases and vaginal lubrication increases. Therefore, with the help of aloe you can improve sexual desire in both partners at once.

To prepare a drug that increases the libido of aloe, you must prepare the following ingredients:

  • 200 ml aloe juice,
  • 500 ml dry wine,
  • 300 g of honey
  • 50 g of primrose.

All components are placed in a small glass jar and mixed thoroughly. If desired, pomegranate for men can be added to the mixture, which also increases libido. The containers with the mixture should then be transferred to a dark room, where they should be infused for at least 10 days. In this case, you need to shake the jar vigorously every 2-4 days.

Aloe juice for a strong erection

Ginkgo biloba

Some folk remedies to improve potency are made from Ginkgo Biloba. It is used to make the best medicines in China, which help increase libido. This plant contains a huge number of useful components that stop inflammation and speed up blood circulation. By raising libido by means prepared by Ginkgo Biloba, the result can be seen within a week.

Preparing a cocktail for potency is quite simple. To do this, 50 grams of the plant is added to a bottle of vodka and mixed thoroughly. After that, the mixture is transferred to a dark room and given an infusion there for half a month. Fluid is used before meals.

Ginkgo Biloba increases the potency of men

Aspen bark

With its help you can increase the potency of folk remedies for 3 days. From this bark you can prepare the most effective medicines without side effects.

The bark contains a lot of phagocytes, which have a positive effect on the body of men. They perfectly reduce inflammation and have diuretic properties. Also, with the help of infusions, you can restore immunity and stabilize the process of blood circulation.

To understand how to increase libido with the bark, you need to get acquainted with the features of tincture preparation. To do this, pour 200 grams of bark with a liter of hot water. The mixture is given for 1-2 hours after which it can be used. It is necessary to take the drug for at least two days. At the same time, you should drink about 300-400 ml of solution daily.

With the help of aspen bark, you can increase male potency

There are other ways to increase libido through the cortex. For example, you can prepare a special alcoholic product. To do this, 350 grams of tree bark is mixed with alcohol, after which the liquid is infused for two weeks. The tincture is taken daily before meals.

The above folk recipes to increase potency are very effective.They can be taken not only to treat potency, but also to prevent it.

Honey and propolis

To affect libido, you can use not only herbs, but also honey with propolis. This old-fashioned method has been used for many years. Finally, it has long been known that regular use of these products enhances male erection.

How to increase potency in men with their help? Folk remedies that are quite easy to prepare are most often used to increase potency. To do this, you need to chop 200-300 grams of propolis and mix it with a liter of vodka. All this is mixed thoroughly and given an infusion for an hour. The prepared liquid must be used three times a day before meals.

Preparation of medicinal infusion of propolis for potency

Natural honey is used to create special healing candles. To do this, take a little honey cake and put it in a small sherpa. Then vodka with wax is added. The mixture is boiled and stirred for about 20-30 minutes. When the liquid starts to brown, 100 g of lard is added to it.

The prepared mixture is poured into small molds and placed in the refrigerator to harden. Candles can be used the very next day.

Proper nutrition

To increase potency at a young age, you need to take care of your diet. At a more mature age, this method will not help to solve the problem, but it can significantly slow down the speed of pathology development. To boost a man's libido, you need to consider adding such proven products to your diet:

  • fish caviar,
  • lean meat of chicken, beef, lamb or rabbit,
  • quail eggs,
  • sea fish,
  • nuts.

Also, libido is enhanced by various dishes made from vegetables or pumpkin herbs. Some people try to increase their male strength with cereal and rice meals.


Not everyone knows how to increase an erection in men with folk remedies. For this, special herbs and other medicinal components are used, with the help of which many different folk remedies are created to increase potency for men.